EuropeNow welcomes submissions of translated poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction, as well as English-language poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that pertains to Europe. We are also accepting submissions of academic and literary book reviews, interviews, journalism, op-eds, and political essays. Please see our submission guidelines below.



We accept works of short fiction as well as excerpts of longer works from or relating to Europe, either in English or in English translation. We ask that you send no more than 7,000 words. If you are submitting a work in translation, please make sure we have the rights to publish the piece.


Please send up to 10 pages of poetry from or relating to Europe, either in English or in English translation. Each poem should begin on a new page.


Literary Nonfiction
We are accepting essays as well as excerpts of longer works from or relating to Europe, either in English or in English translation. Please send no more than 7,000 words.


Visual Art
Please send us your graphic art, videos, and photography from or relating to Europe.


Book Reviews (Academic & Literary)
We are accepting reviews as well as review pitches of academic and literary books from or relating to Europe.


Interviews (Academic & Literary)
We welcome interviews and interview pitches that spotlight leading and emerging academics, authors, translators, artists, and publishers relating to Europe. Interviews must be in English.


Journalism (Investigative/Reportage/Portraits)
We are looking for articles that strive to show “the other side of the story,” delving deeper than mainstream media when depicting stories from and about Europe, including journalism under difficult circumstances.


Op-eds and Political Essays
We welcome articles written by experts, journalists, or academics on pressing European topics.


Blog Posts
We welcome submissions for our weekly blog. Blog posts are typically op-eds and political essays on timely issues, but can also be interviews, Q&As, reviews, dispatches from events, translations, literary writing, and visual art.


General Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions should be sent as one Microsoft Word attachment (as a .doc file, please) to
  2. Pitches should be sent to
  3. Please label documents in the following format: Last Name_Genre [e.g., Smith_Fiction.doc]
  4. Please write your email subject in the following format: SUBMISSION (Genre)-Submitter Name [e.g., SUBMISSION (Fiction)-John Smith]
  5. Your submission should include biographical notes, written in third person, for all contributors of the pieces (authors, translators, reviewers, interviewers, and interviewees).
  6. For literary submissions, we encourage you to send the original work, as well as a translator’s note.
  7. Previously published work will not be considered for publication.
  8. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but we ask in return that you notify us by email as soon as you learn of an acceptance elsewhere.
  9. Rights to the work revert to the author and the translator after publication.
  10. Allow at least eight weeks for a response. At this time, you may inquiry about the statues of your submission.
  11. We are unable to pay contributors at this time. However, we are committed to looking for funding opportunities that will allow us to pay future contributors.